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Electronic ID

The government electronic ID projects across the globe are on the upward swing, owing to security threats and increasing terrorist activities. These e-ID projects are being implemented without significantly delay, which have ensured a steady growth in the government / identity segments of smart card.

Healthcare Cards

This is an end-to-end solution consisting in the electronic or the paper-based enrollment, the credentials production and the issuance, credentials and value-added applications management, and then the secure storage. Furthermore, we provide to dedicate combination services for customer’s requirements.

Temporary Residence Permit

This card is intended to improve a document security and make it easier to verify entitlement to residence. Therefore contain all necessary biometric, biographical, and residence-related information, while satisfying stringent technical requirements in order to prevent the counterfeiting and the forgery.

Travel Document

The new e-Passports feature multiple layers of security are to project an individual traveler’s personal information and a photograph for a higher level of security.

Driving License

Driving license can be your personal identities document same as a national identity. Therefore this is just one reason why it has to be highly secured.

Vehicle Registration Number

To against car theft and other crimes related, the government has issued electronic vehicle registrations card with high standard security to overcome this problem.