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Card Production

  • Prepress: This term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of print layout and final printing.
  • Sheet Printing: Before card producing, the front and back side layers have to be printed with specific layout.
  • Sheet Collating: This step means collating and alignment of different sheet layers for laminated cards.
  • Sheet Laminating: After the correct alignment and prefixing of the single sheet layers, they have to be laminated to get a stable card body.
  • Card Punching: At this process, a single card is punched out of the laminated sheets.

IC Module Production

  • Die Bonder: Die Bonder: Die bonding is assembly of the chip onto the IC module tape.
  • Wire Bonder: The contract pads of the chip are electrically connected pads of the tape by approximately 25 m gold wires.
  • Chip modules Encapsulation: Resin is dispensed to protect the chip and wires against mechanical and environmental stress.
  • Chip Module Test: As an output of functional tests, IC modules are electrically tested.
  • Glue Tape Lamination: The preparation of the modules tape’s for the hot melt implanting process. Chip modules are laminated on the backside with an adhesive tape.

Smart Card and Personalization Production

  • Combined Milling Implanting: This central process in the smart card production chain. Chip modules are punched out of the tape, placed and fixed in the cavity of card.
  • Plug Punching: Used to pre-punch the SIM-plug Personalization: This step will make each card into a distinctive, an individual item which cannot be forgotten. The use of the most-up-todate production technology supports every type of optical personalization.
  • Fulfillment: A variety of fully secure solutions, ranging from simple packages and card carriers are to more sophisticated packs designed to convey a high-end image of your product.
  • Delivery: After your smart card produced and packaged with your special packaging, we are ready to deliver the smart card into your place.