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Smart Card Personalization

As the Technology evolves many transactions, the use of cash as payment is no longer needed. We offer the latest technology to get payment from card. One of the CIPTA’s core businesses is to produce smart card for telecommunication, banking, identity card, and also security card.

Smart Card Personalization

Smart card technology becomes more complex, and has more customization to match your business and to keep it more personal. Personalization is a complete process that includes inputting personal data. We make the smart card personalization process that is easy for customers and make it more secured to match your personal purpose.

Combination Smart Card

This smart card is a combination between contact and contactless. The chip will be embedded on the top of your plastic card and also embedded within your smart card. It operates by inserting or putting the card into a card reader.


Fulfillment here is including how to package your smart card to represent your branding promotion besides helping your SIM card from tampering. We have a catalogue of packaging products with an extensive choice of designs, materials, and dimensions. If our client already has their own packaging designs we can be consultants to your brand product.